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I can’t tell you enough how they have changed my life. I was lathargic and continually gaining weight after 17 years of increasing my synthetic Thyroid medications. I was suffering with siatica and shooting pain in my right side of my neck and down the entire left side of my body. My range of motion in my lower back and neck was so limited that I wasn’t getting the normal relief and results from my Chiropractic treatments. I was having trouble breathing and very concerned about my health. They were friendly, comforting and within the first month I saw so many improvements in my health. I highly recommend their services.

Crissy Scott Burnett

You will not regret joining the team at Lifestyle Physicians for your weight-loss goals. They are dedicated to your success. I was on 2 blood pressure meds and am now on 0 blood pressure meds! There is no magic pill but there is a team of people that will guide you and support you through your journey.

Cindy Hedges

Their attention to detail with every individual is like no other. They truly care about you and your health! The supplements are top notch and the staff is friendly and they make you feel like you’re part of the family. I would recommend Lifestyle Physicians to anyone seeking naturopathic help, a weight loss team or that change of life season

Stephanie Pearrell Kennedy

I knew I was overweight. I had tried and failed at many weight loss diets. I had thyroid issues, and after doing research, I told myself that my thyroid is the culprit and I will always be fat. I recently started having chest pressure and shortness of breath with moderate walking. I was referred to a Cardiologist who ordered test and then placed me on heart medication. One night while I was working I overheard one of my co-worker talking about Lifestyle Physicians; she had recently joined the program and had already lost about twenty pounds in three weeks. I thought she was going to get skinny and I would still be fat, I discreetly gathered some information from her, then hesitantly decided to go and talk to Dr. Verma.

Dr. Verma had so much confident that I could lose the weight, so I purposely agreed to enroll just to show him that it would never worked. I joined Lifestyle Physicians at the end of October 2015. In the first week I lost six pounds, but I was not excited because I had lost ten pounds on other weight loss program and gain it right back. The following weeks I lost more and more weight. I went through Thanksgiving and Christmas feast and was still losing weight.

Dr. Verma and Stephanie have been a great motivator and encourages me to keep trying even if I do not meet my goal every week. Work in progress is what Dr. Verma calls it. I no longer have any chest pressure, shortness of breath or taking any heart medication. I continue to lose more weight. So far I have lost 35 pounds and counting. Thanks to Lifestyle Physician for making a believer out of me. I am proud to be a part of this new innovation.
Denise Lewis RN,

Denise Clarke-Lewis

Before I started my journey to better health with Lifestyle Physicians, I was overweight, tired, and very discouraged from trying diets from TV talk shows and magazines. Then I picked up the Discovery magazine and that is when my life changed. Lifestyle had an ad telling about their programs. I gave them a call. Sandy was very informative with their programs. I first met with Stephanie who put me on thyroid meds and gave me my diet plan and most of all lots of encouragement. The diet supplements are good and keep you on track. Dr Verma is very dedicated in helping you achieve your weight loss goal and keeping it off. He has given me valuable advice concerning my health, diet and exercise. The whole staff at Lifestyle Physicians are very friendly and helpful. This great grandma highly recommends this program. I now get comments on how good I look since I have lost over 40 pounds and the special one came from my 2 teenage granddaughters who said Grandma’s looking good

Merilee Poe

Love everyone that works there. Very
Knowledgeable and helpful.

Pamela Glascock Kalinsky

Great support and friendly staff. Feel my best interest is a sincere concern.

Patricia Bowen

Weight Loss isn’t easy but with the help from Lifestyle Physicians it makes it easier. I have been on the program since Jan 2016 and am excited to say I am down 20lbs and will continue to hit my goal. Thank you, Dr. Verma, Stephanie, Sandy & Cassie for helping me every week and sharing my excitement of becoming a new healthier me!

Kelly McNeil Hall

One of the better centers i have been associated with. I feel better than i have in ages. I am losing weight through learning a more healthy lifestyle. The staff is great and the doctor is fantastic. He takes a lot of time with you and follows your care.
I highly recommend Lifestyle Physicians.

LeiLani Stanley

Just over 30 days down more than 30lbs but bigger than that- blood pressure from consistent 140+\ 90 to 116/76 consistent -cholesterol below normal healthy sugar well below normal healthy feel great looking to hit goal Weight and BMI by Christmas
Very pleased with the center and program
Thanks Stephanie and DR V-

Butch Fettig

I really have enjoyed my time here. The people are nice, the food is good. It’s totally worth the effort.

Sean Robertson

I am on my third week with Lifestyle Physicians. It has been an adjustment, however I am happy they came to Warrenton. Now I have accountability to losing weight. Everyone has been extremely nice and supportive. The food they offer is excellent, favorful and easy to take any where. I look forward to my new Lifestyle with Lifestyle Physicans. I look forward to looking and feeling good again.

Angela F Kallio

Lifestyle Physicians has been instrumental in helping me achieve my “get fit and lose weight” goals. Twelve weeks into the program, I have lost more than 40 pounds and I feel so energetic. I have quit taking previously prescribed medicines because of the healthy changes in my body. I look forward to the weekly check-ins because the staff is supportive, knowledgeable, and caring. Their emphasis on the weekly monitoring of my health and well-being during this weight loss journey is much appreciated. Thank you, Lifestyle Physicians, for helping me be a healthier, more fit, me.

Toni Sheads

Dr. Verma and Stephanie Phillips, NP, are wonderful at what they do. I have been in the program since September 22, 2015. 20 weeks. I have lost 55 pounds, and have gained so much. It’s incredible.

Nathalie Page Pritchett

Lifestyle physicians have provided a program that focuses on long term weight management and health. I set goals with Dr. Verma and was provided a program in which I could be accountable. I’m happy to say I am enjoying the new Lifestyle.

Joel Saunders

Great Team. Competent and Caring physicians!!!!!!!

Javed Iqbal