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14 Day Detox

14 Day Detox

14 Day Detox

Are you fatigued, have low energy, want to lose weight or suffer from chronic health conditions and don’t know where to start? Dr. Sheeba Asad, ND at Lifestyle Physicians developed a personalized 14 day detox for your health conditions.

Our detox includes the following:

One hour consultation with the Naturopathic Doctor
Detox Supplements
B12 Shots (2)
Personalized Diet Plan

Still not sure about a detox? Here are a few reasons to consider!
A detox can remove toxins from the body which can effect our metabolism, behavior, immune system and lead to disease.
A detox can help you lose weight. Toxins affect the body’s natural ability to metabolize fat. This can lead to weight gain. Detoxing rids the body of toxins stored in fat cells and increases metabolism.
A detox can improve your quality of life. Eliminating toxins can help you sleep better, have more energy, improve your metabolism, ease joint pain and improve digestive problems.
A detox can increase your energy. When our body is toxic, it takes more energy to function. You will have more mental, physical and emotional energy after detoxing. Many of our patients have more energy and better sleep after detoxing.

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